Hectic Schedules, Hectic Parents: When Chaos Collides

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This is what my "office" looks like most days. 

Madness. This month has been total madness. Between my schedule for work which puts me on the road 3-5 days a week all over Texas and my husband's new position on a county EMS squad two and a half hours away we've been getting very creative with the schedule lately. On a weekly basis my husband, father in law and I sit down to figure out who will be where and as a result who will be watching my youngest two. Throw in a 10 year old going back to school in Oregon, meal trains for friends who are pregnant and having babies, church groups and the discussion of adding preschool or a homeschool group to our plate and I could not be happier have online tools on my side. The more I can do on the go the better.

This may be a sponsored post but I was first introduced to VolunteerSpot a year ago when I moved to Texas. Since then it has been used for numerous activities. This free online tool allows a parent to start a virtual sign up sheet doling out time slots or items needed. Other parents then "claim" shifts and VolunteerSpot will even remind you of what you promised you do.

The best part of all of this? It eliminates the REPLY ALL mess. When I'm driving around Texas for work and I hear my email ding I look at it on my next stop. It is severely irritating when I open it up and it's 9 reply all emails of "Thanks!". With the virtual nature of online sign up everyone can do their thing and log in at a time that's convenient for them without a flooded mailbox. And as a traveling mom I appreciate that ease. From the road I can sign up to bring a meal on a day I'm home, from thousands of miles away I can check in on class parent assignments, and I can start a volunteer sheet for events I'm running.

As if the sanity gained from easily planning and participating from the road aren't enough you can also participate in VolunteerSpot's giant giveaway. The chance to win up to $20,000 in prizes for yourself and your child's school should have you clicking away with glee! Be after school cool with VolunteerSpot and win prizes including gift certificates, Amex cards & Cabot Cheese (Disclosure: I love cheese.). Your school will automatically be entered to win a $1500 in grants.