That's me. For years I worked a sales job that kept me on the road in a 4-13 state territory a few nights a week. Travel has been a part of my life since I entered the professional world right out of college and we've never known any different. Because of that travel fever I started writing and working with TravelingMom 6+ years ago and am now I stay home and in front of my computer as  their Director of Social. You'll find me on Twitter every Monday night at 8pm CST chatting all things travel.  

I share a multigenerational household with:

My husband. He works for a county EMS system which means he is gone for 48 hours and off for 96. Here he is testing out our Kelty Kangaroo with Zeus our enormous house rabbit.

He is a great dad. The kiddos adore him.

And he can do a handstand. I'm a lucky girl!

The boy. Almost 13 years old, my sous chef spends summers and vacations with us. He is one of the best travelers I know and eats things most adults won't venture near.

In addition to his fine taste in food the boy possesses a "unique" sense of fashion.

We are constantly asked if they are twins. They are 20 months apart.

The oldest girl. A first grader she loves school and rules.  I think she is disappointed by Saturdays because there is no school or Sunday school. She is a smart cookie with an attitude edge. This sunshiney girl can go to glowering black rain cloud on the turn of a dime. 

The youngest girl. She is our 4 year old wild card. She is the climber, breaker thru-er of barriers, wild child. If she can potentially get herself into a dangerous situation she will. And she laughs while doing it. 

My father in law. He helps to keep the house running when I'm traveling for stories and my husband is on duty. He loves to cook so I am a spoiled girl who gets to eat delicious things. 

The dog. Griffin joined our family in April 2011 and celebrated his 1st birthday on Christmas. A shelter dog this boxer mastiff mix is the gentlest beast I've ever seen. His tolerance extends to being dressed up and used as a stool. He thinks he's a lap dog despite his size. 

Two more dogs. Yup- that's right, we've lost our minds. When we all moved in together we accumulated my father in law's golden retriever and standard poodle. 

That's us. Just two parents with really weird schedules and a grandpa trying to keep a few kids and some dogs alive and out of a therapist's office.