Baby's Best Friend

I grew up in a pet-free household. Unless you count some outdoor rabbits that lived in a hutch across the yard and the occasional goldfish my mother did not believe in indoor pets. This meant that by the time I left the house all I wanted was a pet.
I had one mini dachsund who was the love of my life but a cross country move to a small apartment sadly left her rehomed. After my husband and I married we started counting down the days until we moved out of our condo and got a house. My husband had grown up with dogs around and is the type of bleeding heart dog lover who walks into a shelter and wants to bring them all home. During our dog-free condo time we adopted a gigantic rabbit named Zeus who thinks he's a dog. He has many strange habits including an affinity for eating meat.
The rabbit sneaks a bite of a quarter pounder. We also can't leave the dog food on the floor because he eats it.

He likes to keep me company while I work by napping on the bottom shelf of my desk.

Once we bought a house and bought a truck the dog was the next natural addition. Among our criteria a patient dog who would be friendly but intimidating to intruders and no hounds who would attempt to eat the rabbit. My 6 year old and I went to the shelter and fell in love with a boxer mastiff mix who was patiently allowing all his brothers and sisters to climb all over him with no complaints. Our daughter was 6 months old at the time and doesn't remember life without her furry brother. Sometimes I think he's her favorite family member. 
(Yes this is a shameless ploy to share adorable pictures.)

Walks in our woods.

He even got along with the rabbit. 

Her favorite person to kiss.... even when she refuses to hug the rest of us the dog always gets love.

They're starting to share facial expressions. 

He cuddled her through the chicken pox. 

After a morning of terrrorizing mommy the partners in crime take a nap break.

As someone who didn't grow up with a dog I don't fully understand the bond that my daughter and her dog share but I'm so happy that they have each other. :)

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