Life's Lemons & Fun with the Juicer

I've been a little absent. In the most summarized version of events here is what happened:

1. Pregnant, dilated, and staying at parents with limited internet access.
2. Receive phone call from overseas. Father in law who was in Ireland on vacation has been hospitalized. While running routine bloodwork they discover he has leukemia. He will not be able to leave country until he's had a round of chemo.
3. Mad dash to renew husband's passport and buy items to ship there.
4. Have baby.
5. Get baby and toddler passport. (Just in case this takes a bad turn and I have to fly to Ireland with them.)
6. Drive husband to Montreal airport (ticket was half the price of one out of Burlington- at least everyone's passport came in handy). Kiss him goodbye.
7. Take care of the newborn and toddler for two weeks while husband is in Ireland.
8. Husband back. Return to normal life only to be struck down with stomach bug.

That about brings us to now. Since we picked up our farm share yesterday I decided to do some juicing with the toddler. Meet our juicer:

This juicer is a workhorse. My mom had it when we were little and handed it down to me. My now 8 year old developed a fear of it's loud "whirring" noise when he was 4 so we gave the juicer a face to make it "friendlier". He found this amusing. My daughter apparently does too. After initial hesitation......

she warmed up to him......

I hate waste so we juiced some apples that were getting a little squishy, some pears, and a little bit of ginger. It was a hit. 

We also juiced some mustard greens which we got from the farm in abundance. These ones are super spicy and we gave them to daddy as a joke. He made an awesome face. In the next few days we'll be juicing up some extra spinach to freeze in cubes and save for sauces. 

What's your favorite juice?

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