Dish Soap & Underpant Helmets

One of the challenges of having two young kiddos who are only 20 months apart is the dreaded "schedule". I'm not a fan of being locked into a schedule but have found that designated nap times are a must follow in order to keep the baby from turning into a growling ball of fury.

And so with the baby quietly sleeping upstairs I attempt to keep the toddler busy. It goes something like this.

Toddler: Ayayayayayaya. (at this point I notice she has pulled underwear out of the folded clothes and is wearing them on her head)

Me: What are you doing?

Toddler: Is my helmet.

Me: Stay still I want a picture.

Toddler: (running) Hehehehehehee. Mommy, chase me. (takes underpants off of head) Your turn.

Me: Really?

Toddler: Yup. (I put them on.) Now you run Mommy. I chase you and take picture.

At this point I accept defeat and go back to my coffee.

So now I've started planning little activities to do during nap. While on Pinterest I came across a dish soap foam sensory activity. YouPinspireMe made it look easy, and it was. I've seen it repinned since then with different colors of foam courtesy of food coloring but I don't dig on green toddlers so we go dye-free here. Since I knew the toddler would immerse herself in the foam I made sure to use Seventh Generation dishsoap figuring it would be gentler on her skin.

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All you need to do is put about 1 TBS of dish soap in your food processor and add 1/2 cup of warm water. Turn it on and let it spin away. The froth will grow filling the whole processor and you can dump it into the bathtub or into a container for the kids to play in. We've done both and it buys me some quiet underpants-on my head- free time.

Happy bubbles!

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    The simplest ideas are the best!