Life happened over these past few months. In a BIG way. We are now in San Antonio, Texas. (WOW!). This is a huge change from Vermont and I didn't handle the blog transition very well (translation: not at all). We knew we were moving awhile before we could tell anyone and quietly put our house on the market. It sold very quickly. Needing to keep our jobs up until we left, I panicked and stopped blogging lest I reveal our secret.

Then some kind of twisted shame spiral happened where I felt so bad about not writing and keeping up the blog that I actually had trouble coming back to it. Combined with the fact that the kids are home all day everyday I wasn't very motivated.

I've conquered that. My husband starts a job down here tomorrow. Everything is falling into place. So- I'm back!

I'll get back to frequent postings and reenter the land of the blogging.

Thanks to anyone who stuck around!

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