When Teen Driving Shenanigans Come Back to Bite You and the Chance to Win Tires!

*This post is sponsored by She Buys Cars and Michelin but the shenanigan stories are my own. *

There's that moment when you are asked to write about driving safety for National Teen Driver's Week and your mind suddenly becomes a slideshow:

* the time you were 15 and tried to take your parents car for a ride around the neighborhood but it was a stick shift and you spent the rest of the afternoon just trying to get it back into the same spot on the hilly driveway before they got home
* when you were a senior in high school and attempted to hide the shrieking noise your car was making because prom was a few days away and you didn't want to be driven by your parents if your car was in the shop
* the senior skip day that never happened because when you and your friend were headed into school to sit for attendance and walk out a fat raccoon ran across the road and you rear ended the lady in front of you
* the time in Driver's Ed when the German foreign exchange student started going 85 on a rural highway and the 100 year old instructor finally told him to slow down to which he replied "in my country we do not have speed limits"
* the time you and your friend decided it would be really fun to drive across another state on Labor Day since you had no school but didn't tell anyone because it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

And then you realize that your oldest is only 5 years away from driving and HOLY CRAP that is scary considering what you did as a teenager. Seriously, if karma plays a role in this I am screwed.

Luckily the fine folks at Michelin North America and Katie Couric have partnered for the #SharingSafety campaign during National Teen Driver's Week. Click over to see tons of fascinating tips on their site.  They also have the oldie but goodie of checking your tire pressure. Every single time I saw my grandfather whether I was driving or it was my parents he inevitably asked "Is your tire pressure good?" and "Do you have enough gas?". Thank you Michelin for proving that my grandpa was on the cutting edge of driving safety, even if he did really enjoy turning to me at a particular set of train tracks and saying "Watch this, if you hit them just right you catch air!" (Reflecting back he may be where I got some of my driving mannerisms from).

But I'm not just here for fun driving tips and stories of my misguided youth- enter below for the chance to win $600 for Michelin tires and join the conversation on Thursday 10/22/15 at 9pm EST when we chat safety and teen driving education. Find out what you should be modeling now even for your youngest kids to start them off on the right foot!

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