Tarragon Thyme Pumpernickel Bread Crumbs

I have a problem. Ever since I learned how to make bread with a super simple easy to adapt recipe for roughly 53 cents a loaf I've been baking bread constantly. This is good for my freezer which is now stocked with a variety of types- Potato Garlic,  Thyme Rosemary, Oatmeal Buttermilk, Sourdough, and Pumpernickel.

Since I make two loaves from each recipe I freeze one. But we don't always go thru the bread I keep out fast enough, especially if I've gotten carried away. So I've started making breadcrumbs, which both saves the bread and saves me money. I also get to pick my own flavor combinations this way.

It's easy.

Pick your bread. I used pumpernickel. 

Cut a few slices (I did 4) and put them in the toaster. You want to toast them about 2-3 times. The goal is to get them really crispy, not burn them. 

While the bread is toasting pick out your herbs. I also like to use a little sea salt to salt my breadcrumbs. The salt enhances the herb flavors. I used roughly 1/2 tsp each of tarragon, thyme & sea salt. Adjust the seasoning to match the amount of bread you are using. 

Once the bread is done toasting, put it in the food processor and process. Note: This will be loud and will wake a napping baby. Once the bread is in crumbs add the herbs and process for another minute. 

Now take the breadcrumbs and spread them in a pan. You want to leave them overnight to dry out any excess moisture in the crumbs. We have a wood stove so I put the pan on a trivet on the surface overnight.

Put your crumbs into a mason jar and set aside for future culinary inspiration. Enjoy!

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