How the Heck Does a Moby Wrap Work?

I decided to try something new with baby #3. I traded in my sling (which I found to be to hot during the summer) and got myself a Moby wrap. What can I say, I was being a follower. Everywhere I went I heard about how great they are and how they're on every mom to be's list. So I was swayed and I got one. I mean I cloth diaper and make my own laundry detergent. Why shouldn't I have an organic Moby wrap? Especially when I find one at the resale store.

Things I Have Done With My Moby Wrap:
* used it as a temporary clothesline between two chairs while folding laundry
* swaddled a whole gaggle of my toddler's dolls in it
* used it as a shawl when I got cold one day
* immobilized my 8 year old when my toddler and I were wrestling him (think hog-tied)

Things I Have Not Done With My Moby Wrap:
* worn it correctly to carry the baby

Seriously though- how the heck do you use this thing without an assistant on hand? Step 1 should be "Find someone to help". I'm 5'3" I can't reach far enough to wrap the ends around me properly. And as soon as my toddler comes up and starts yanking on me I panic thinking she's going to pull the wrong piece and the baby is going to come tumbling out the bottom. How do the ladies on the web site look so serene? I kept worrying about splattered baby. Maybe I'll keep finding other uses for it. (For the record most of the assembled furniture in our home was put together by me so usually I'm good with directions.)

I need to find a new sling of some sort to transport the baby at BlogHer. Something that doesn't make me look inept. Unless someone wants to give me the one on one petite user rundown on this thing.


  1. Anonymous19:41

    Sounds like a baby K'tan might be more your style, lol!

  2. ROFL! Okay, as funny as this was, I am still wondering how the heck you make your own laundry detergent?

  3. I have a Baby Bjorn but I'll have to check out a K'Tan. And check here for laundry detergent info- :)

  4. Naz, have you been practicing since last week? I want to see a demo at baby group on Thursday. :) -Chris