Surviving As a New Mom

Every mother is a new mother at some point in time. Now with my third child laying next to me I can tell you that it's different with every child, but that there are some constants. You'll simultaneously love the cooing little creature who looks up at you and curse them for taking away your sanity through sleep deprivation. You'll hold up tiny little outfits that they may wear and then remove the same tiny outfit moments later when it has been defiled from one of two ends (or both if it's a really special day). Nursing will be the worst/best experience you've had. One day your nipples will feel like they'll fall off, another day you'll gaze down in amazement while the baby eats and feel all powerful, and some days you'll just feel like a cow. Or maybe that's just me. As a former dairy farm tenant I remember watching the cows get milked with a complacent look on their face. I feel one with the cow some days.

It gets easier. I promise. Sleep will return and there will be days when you'll have 20 minute stretches of silence. Your baby will hit milestones and your heart will fill with joy. But no one ever tells you how to get there. If I could give one piece of advice to new moms it would be to pick an achievable goal that you will do every day. One thing, that's it.

I made a vow that I would shower daily. I use the term shower loosely, some days it was a rinse while the baby cried in the bouncer on the bathroom floor, some days the shower involved a toddler between my feet playing with duplos on the tub floor, and some days when my wonderful husband was home I got ten glorious minutes of hot water running over me uninterrupted. The goal was a shower and if I accomplished it then all was good. I had accomplished what I needed to for the day and anything else was a bonus. The laundry might be piling up, the kitchen floor could be filthy but I was clean and I felt human. And the funny thing is once you feel good about yourself, you naturally get more done.

Set a goal- be it a five minute morning mug of coffee quietly enjoyed, a shower, a load of laundry, weeding a flowerbox, wiping down the table, throw out junk mail or writing a thank you note- and I promise if you complete it daily normalcy will creep back into your life. And once you've accomplished your goal go hug your baby and enjoy them knowing you are awesome.


  1. I follow this same rule - accomplish at least one thing a day - and my daughter is 14. It still works. :)

  2. Thank you... makes me feel better just reading your post.