Turkey and Babies and Truck Stops- Oh My!

This last 10 days has been a whirlwind of fur, cleaning & driving. We had the "untraditional" Thanksgiving this year. To make a long story short my father-in-law is going in for a transplant and we flew down Thanksgiving Eve to see him, introduce him to the baby, and drive his dogs back up to Vermont so we can care for them during his recovery period.
This all came together very quickly and resulted in buying tickets on Monday night for our Wednesday trip.

The rest is best told in pictures. 

Happy Baby! Slept most of the flight. 
Grandpa meets Sohayla! 
Dogs are waiting in the car ...

Slammin' snack bag packed by Grandpa

Only 1469 miles & 24 hours left to go.

Serious hash brown topping deliberations.
Babies 1st Waffle House

Sanity stop in Jacksonville

Dog wrangling after a play stop.
No turkey here- just Taco Bell in South Carolina for Thanksgiving.
So is sleeping when you can.
Caffeination on road trips is important.

Do not let the baby into the snack bag! They totally hog the Twizzlers.

At this point we diverged pathways. My husband dropped me back off at my car which was parked at the airport from our flight and continued home with the dogs. I went to my parents where the 2 year old was being doted on (you may have noticed her missing from the photos- we were crazy enough to bring the baby but 1500 miles with a 2 year old? No way!). I stayed the night and the kids were cute...

They read together.
Yasmina baby-wore Pooh bear.

But I was freaking out a little bit about the mess at home, having 3 dogs and looming deadlines. When my parents told me to go home and they'd drive the girls up the next day I ran out to the car and didn't look back. I may have left one of those dust trails like in the cartoons.

Fast forward and the three dogs are learning to love each other. They all insist on bringing the girls to daycare with me.

Will only ride on passenger floor. (Note: Road trip Red Bull)
Strangely only rides rear facing. Moves head when wipers go. 
My husband is loving the attention- I call it the blur of fur.
They are learning to share.

FL dog #1- huge fan of snow. Florida dog #2- not in the picture because he's shivering on the porch waiting to go in. 
And of course the biggest adjustment for the dogs- life with kids. Because of course a 2 year old will put dolly to bed with you.

Or cover you with a blanket and tell you to go night-night.

More fun to come I'm sure. For now we're just happy to be home and surrounded by loving puppies and family.


  1. Great pictures! Glad you all made it home safely.