'Twas Midway Through December

'Twas a night in December, the month half complete
All the children were sleeping, a quite major feat;
The stockings were still stored up in the attic,
Decorating with tiny children had proven problematic;

The babies were done up all snug in their sleepers,
Tousled hair, rosy cheeks and closed little peepers;
And mama in her pjs, was sitting on the couch,
Slightly cranky and crabby feeling like a grouch,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
That I jumped off the couch to see what was the matter.
Off to the front door I flew like a banshee,
Whipped open the door to a chilly 1 degree.

The dogs were yipping and growling and barking,
Their territory they were certainly marking,
When, what through the white snow did quickly appear,
But our plow guy shifting his Ford into gear,

The dogs turned around and started to give chase,
And I pulled on my boots, through the snow I did race.
They ran all around, they frolicked and teased,
Then ran onto the porch sensing I was displeased;

"On Griffin, on Copper, on Mica- listen to me!
If you wake up the kids you'll be sorry- you'll see!"
Scrambling over each other inside they did crawl!
And over 12 different paws I did trip, flip and fall.

Back on the couch I settle in with the laptop,
Fourteen days until Christmas and I still need to shop,
Need to plan with the family to pick up a tree,
Because last year's procrastination led to a tree absentee.

There are cards to be sent and cookies to bake,
Presents to wrap up and pictures to take.
A house strewn with dog toys & legos to clean,
so that when folks stop on over it's a presentable scene.

Too much to get done and too few days remain,
Only fourteen days and 2 bottles of wine until my sanity I regain;
Please don't send Christmas cards, can't we agree,
I'm too lazy to send one back so let's save a tree.

I work on my to do list, it grows and it grows. 
While off in the corner my unwatered poinsetta decomposes.
The jolliest time of the year this is called, 
but if you're smart you'll stay away from the mall.

The shoppers they honk and jostle for spaces,
The parking lot rage goodwill toward men it erases.
Folks scramble and try to outdo one another,
It's enough to exhaust and horrify this mother.

This really isn't what the holidays should be,
Credit card bills and overspending and playing family referee,
Shouldn't we be thankful for all that we've got,
What is the reason for the season or have we forgot?

This Christmas the presents will be sparse, nothing grand, 
Some items homemade and the rest secondhand, 
The girls will be clothed in hand me down dresses, 
but with their cute smiles they will look like princesses. 

And with glory and wonder we will celebrate this day, 
Thank God for our family and bow heads to pray.  
To all of my readers, those far and near,
I wish you a season filled with love, family and good cheer!

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