20 Chore Tuesday- After Trip Edition

Today is the definition of insanity. After an amazing 4 days in Dallas and Ft. Worth at the Family Travel Conference I am launched back into the real world. Articles to be written, clients to catch up with (especially since the internet was down M-F of last week!), new connections to follow up on in timely fashion and of course the associated laundry to be done of a weekend away.

Hanging out at the Dallas Galleria with travel writers from all over!

1. Get the girls to daycare. (I'm getting into Boston late on Monday night and driving to my parents in New Hampshire. Sleeping there, I have to ensure that I get the girls out the door early enough to make the 3 hour drive to home & daycare so that they can attend for the day and I can do work!)

2. Laundry. Everything that accumulated while I was gone and all my travel dirty laundry.

3. Dishes. Wash them and put them away.

4. Load the dishwasher and run it. Put dishes away.

5. Fold and put away all laundry.

6. Bake bread.  (My husband surely will have finished what I left and if he listened will also have eaten exclusively canned items that were nearing their one year shelf life.)

7. Post #TMOM roll call tweet.

8. Blog post- 20 Chore Tuesday. (That's right, this counts and I'm crossing it off!)

9. Write at least one conference related post for TravelingMom.

10. Family Travel open letter to the industry

11. Clear off dining room table so it can be used as a table and not just storage.

12. Unpack the girls bag and put away their clothes. (Thanks to my mom for doing their laundry while they visited.)

13. Look over the schedule for this week and figure out where I can fit in a new client.

14. Pack up old breastpump with broken battery so that it can go to the roasters with me tomorrow for UPS to pick up.

15. Log on to the Ag Extension site to fill out composting class feedback form.

16. 3 Squares VT Hunger challenge post on blog.

17. Nursing necklace.

18. Cut out bathrobe pattern pieces for a lightweight robe.

19. Do something with brown bananas in fridge. Banana chocolate chip bread maybe?

20. Start a fire. It's supposed to get down to 20 tonight. Do not wait until the kids are home to try this!

My first cup of coffee wasn't until 1pm so this should be interesting!


  1. Wow! Talk about busy! It was really great meeting you at FTCdallas! Hopefully we can get together when I'm home next month (21-30) although it's a busy time with the holidays!

  2. thanks for sharing..