My Last Minute Toddler Halloween Costume

Call us bad parents but my husband and I have a theory that adhering to holidays isn't really important for babies. When folks do it, it's more for them than their kids. We decided that we're not spending much on holidays until the kids are old enough to remember them. Last Halloween my daughter was sick so she never wore the bumblebee outfit that I had bought on resale. Her first Halloween she was a jellyfish. I used a terrycloth onesie, stuck sticky velcro around the waist then sewed ribbons onto a wide piece of ribbon and put velcro on the back of that. The hat was made by a family friend.

Our jellyfish being held by our skeleton ninja (minus the skeleton mask).

This Halloween we tried to explain the concept of "Trick or Treating" to our now 2 year old. She did not get it. So instead of spending money on a costume I decided to work with what we had. This may have been inspired by the fact that she kept dressing up in a frog doggy costume I got at BlogHer. At first we thought she'd be an '80's dance instructor (she has a deep love of her Yankee Dollar legwarmers).

The "radio" is made out of an old business card box.
Suddenly the day before Halloween I felt inspiration strike. A few Christmases ago my husband and I had set our normal $50 limit for gifts. In order to be able to stretch that money I bought some camo fleece on sale and made him a bathrobe from a pattern I got on sale for 99 cents. The pattern was Simplicity and it's best feature was a giant hood. He looks like a sorcerer when he wears it. He loved the robe and in the morning I can find him downstairs, cup of coffee in hand, on the couch with Yasmina in his lap cuddled in the extra fabric of the robe. Lately, she's been wrapping herself in blankets & calling them "robes". So as the saying goes- "two birds one stone". I pulled out the pattern which had a youth option that I hadn't cut out yet. The smallest size was an XS which I'm estimating was a size 5. She's in a 2T right now so this will fit for awhile! I just rolled the sleeves and after hemming the robe I tacked it up about 6 inches. I'll just rip out that stitching later to make it full length. And voila.....

One metal travel mug later and the wee one was Daddy. See look... 

The resemblance is uncanny. Robe that the toddler wanted doubling as a Halloween costume... win! Photo that can be used for hilarious purposes for years... win!

The baby was generically Halloween-y in an "I love my Mummy" outfit that a relative bought. She looks shocked because I was yodeling to get her to look at the camera.

What were your kiddos for Halloween?


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