20 Chore Tuesdays, The Thankful Edition

Last year Vermont was hit with the full wrath of Irene. In the aftermath, we heard lots of commentary about how the storm was "hyped" and jokes about hurrication days off from school and work. Meanwhile in Vermont towns went weeks without power and the citizens banded together to help each other. (And some cute babies were made- including ours. Read here.)

So today... today I am thankful. Thankful that we didn't need our bathtubs full of water or the food or flashlights or our full tanks of gas. Thankful that Vermonters took the storm seriously and got ready. I am also thinking about our friends and family in other areas. I was glued to the laptop until late into the night last night hoping that everyone was okay, thinking about the NICU babies being evacuated (my son was a NICU baby 8 years ago), and wishing that some folks treating this like a joke didn't have to learn such hard lessons to realize that preparedness is important!

Meanwhile, in Vermont... this is what my house looks like...

Hurricane Prep was a priority and loads of laundry where done in a mad rush in case the power went out.  

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Today I Need To:

* Send out emails to potential Twitter Party Panelists.
* Send out full document to those who confirm.
* Send holiday images in for use on our Pinterest/Facebook for Traveling Mom Party Promotion.
* Type up a client invoice & deduct hours from check paid.
* Fold laundry. (times about 5)
* Put away laundry.
* Put sheets on bed. My husband already did this.
* Wash dishes.
* Put away dishes in strainer.
* Put away clean dishes in dishwasher.
* Turn fridge and freezer temps back up.
* Make a casserole with the cooked hamburger meat. Ended up making Cheeseburger Risotto per special request. "Chee-bur sotto peez?" Husband actually finished cooking it while I ran to get the kids.
* Wash and sanitize pump parts.
* Empty out pantry so my husband can put up shelves this week. His back is all funky so we decided to save this for another day.
* Make sauerkraut. 
* Empty off canning table so I can put pantry contents on it.
* Bring out recycling.
* Can the delicata squash.
* Generally neaten the living room. 
* Put legos upstairs in Yasmina & Sohayla's room and bring down something else.
* Work on front hallway area- I need to put out hats/mittens etc and neaten. 
* Load dishwasher. 
* Say hi and comment to all other 20 Chore Tuesday folks.

UPDATE: I ended up scrapping a lot of this when I realized Yasmina needed a Halloween costume. A little time later and some late night sewing machine time and yay! Costume accomplished.

Good luck to all and I hope you are staying safe and warm!


  1. That is a long list...I hope you can get everything done! :)

  2. Good luck getting everything done!! You can totally do it!!! Praying for you all out east!

  3. I'm glad you guys weren't affected this time... Sounds like you are a pro at preparing for a storm though!! And you did have a crazy chore list going today... wow...

    1. It was a little bit of a nutty list but sometimes I put items on that I know I'll do that week, not necessarily that day. Holds me accountable because I like to cross things off. We are getting very good at prepping in general and have a storm checklist. Our town flooded last May and there was no in or out for a day, then followed by Irene it really showed us what the weather is capable of.....

  4. I have a NICU baby too. It's amazing how it becomes a part of you, I'm always thinking about the NICU babies as well.

    I'll have to try the cheeseburger risotto for dinner one night. It sounds like it would be a hit in our house!

    1. It's amazing how the NICU thing sticks with you. My "baby" is now 8. And yes the Cheeseburger Risotto is a hit. My husband tried to take credit for it this time since after I added the first half of the liquid I had to run to get the girls and he finished cooking it :)