#Give500 Things Challenge

We are (hopefully) living in our forever house. Since 1999 I did not live in the same place for longer than 18 months. Then in November 2010 we closed on our house. I plan on being buried in the back yard, because I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN. I hate it, the packing, the unpacking... just kidding I basically never unpacked. And even though we've been in this house for nearly two years there are still a few boxes that need to be unpacked and things that need to be gone through.

I am what I refer to as a "well-intentioned hoarder". It's the artistic side in me. I see an old sweater and think- "I could totally felt that and make something with it". Old kids clothes are potential quilt squares, toilet paper tubes are art projects and of course you should save twist ties and rubber bands? I mean you might need them! I need this challenge in a bad way.

Basically the idea is to commit yourself to getting rid of 500 things. I've been starting slowly but now that the post is up and public I'm going to pick up steam. I will get rid of 500 things by Thanksgiving. And on Thanksgiving I will sit with my family and be thankful that I have less possessions cluttering my house.

Come back and visit me here as I build my list of items I've gotten rid of.... local to VT and looking for something? Maybe I have it.... drop me a comment.

Feel free to join the challenge and link up:

#Give500 Challenge at Joyful Abode

* Baby Einstein Sign Language DVD
* Playtex breast pump that I never ended up using
* 2 maternity sweaters
* 16 books
* dog Halloween hippo costume :)

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