20 Chore Tuesday- CANSTRAVAGANZA!

It's an October Miracle folks. The whole household stayed in bed until 830a this morning. This NEVER happens. EVER. (Happy dance.) This was aided by the fact that I don't need to go into the roasters like I usually do on Tuesday's. Now as I bring myself back down to reality I remember that I have two giant bins of apples on my front porch that need to be addressed. Last weekend we did a truckload apple sale and since most of the apples are drops they need to be used up very quickly before they go mushy. These are not pretty pie apples. These are serious canned for winter applesauce and apple butter apples. On Sunday my husband and I processed 42 pounds of apples. We need to do about twice that today. (Click the button below to link up!)

20 chore tuesday

Kitchen (it's got to be clean to can)

1. Run dishwasher and put dishes away.
2. Take the 800 million jars of stuff that I've canned and put it on the kitchen table so the counters are clear.
3. On a related note- have husband measure pantry for shelves. (Yes, I am aware that this was on my list about 3 Tuesdays ago but it never got done.)
4. Wash pots and pans in sink. Thank you to my husband for doing this :)


5. Send a few flats of jars through the dishwasher to prep them.
6. Have husband start peeling a large quantity of apples. (As a general rule 1/3 of the apple is "waste weight". We peeled 42 pounds of apples the other day- this yielded 28 lbs of recipe ready apple matter.) 71.5 lbs done total!
7. Can the apple butter out of the crockpot so that I can start more applesauce in there.
8.Wishful thinking- get 21 lbs of apples through the crockpot in 3 batches today for applesauce. 7 lbs processed & done, 7 lbs in, last 7 lbs is in!
9. Wishful thinking- 31 1/2 lbs of apples into apple butter today. (3 big batches, 3 half batches) 7 lbs processed and done (The large batch came out more like applesauce so I transferred it into my applesauce count!)
10. Post Maple Spiced Apple Butter blog.
11. Post Pumpkin Pie Spice Blog.
12. Inventory spices. I know I'm low on some & need to do a bulk run soon.

More Canning (That's why I call it Canstravaganza!) This will probably all happen Wednesday am as Canstravaganza continues....

13. Leek & Potato Soup
14. Persian Onion Soup
15. Start draft of onion soup blog post.
16. Skim purple cabbage sauerkraut. Can it if it's ready. Not quite ready yet!
17. Start green cabbage sauerkraut.

The Household

18. Run laundry.
19. Wash toddler's sheets. Remake her bed immediately.
20. Fold laundry.
21. Put away laundry.
22. Money stuff- check bank accounts. Gather bills. Pay bills.
23. Pick up farm share.

Yup. It's canning madness up in here. No need to build a fire. It will be roughly the same temperature as a tropical island shortly.


  1. That is a lot of work in the kitchen today! I bet y'all are gonna be exhausted! Good luck getting it all done! :)

  2. Wow, I am so impressed by all of your canning! Way to go!

  3. Same here: very impressed! And oh man, that makes me want to do some canning, too...! When I was a kid, we had an orchard behind our house and we would make fresh apple juice every fall... best juice EVER! I bet it's the same with your apple butter/sauce... Taking out all the bad spots really does pay off!!