20 Chore Tuesday- Paperwork & Not Enough Time

I feel like I've already wasted hours of the day. The baby was up at 6am but the toddler slept late so I'm just now getting back from bringing them to daycare. Time to get rolling.

20 chore tuesday


1. Send in timesheets.
2. Answer emails & messages about meetings this week.
3. Send Twitter party management email.
4. Update family calendar.
5. Find baby's social security card. (When it came in the mail my toddler saw it and colored on it. So I hid it in a "safe" place. Now I can't find it.) Still looking for this!!! AAARRGHHH!
6. Finish paperwork that needs said social security info. Filled out except for the stupid social. 
7. Apply for insurance. This no health insurance thing is getting really old and my husband's work has still not sent any info on COBRA. This was a hugely long ridiculously stupid ordeal. Grr.
8. Prepare bill payments to send for internet & plow. 


9. Read this week's reading. 
10. Print last week's presentation and put in binder with the notes I took.


11. Buy shelving for pantry.
12. Buy potty treats. 
13. Costco (Thursday)
14. Post office. 
15. Soda Stream Cartridge Replacements (Thursday)
16. Changing Table to Kids Resale Store (Plans changed on this one since we need a friend to help my husband get it downstairs. It's too heavy for just me and him.)


17. Load dishwasher with canning jars & run right before using them.
18. Puree roasted butternut squash & put in freezer pints. 
19. Make list for Costco.
20. Hang onions to dry.
21. Compost out to heap.
22. Start some soups.

Normally I would say- time to drink coffee. However, the dog tipped over my mug so now I get to say 23. Clean stain out of carpet.


  1. I love making to-do lists and crossing stuff off! It always feels so good!

    1. I've been a little jealous of the folks with the nice handwriting who post pictures of their lists but there is something satisfying about changing the font to strike thru :)

  2. Oh, I hate it when I put important things in a "safe place" and then can't find them!! Happens to me all the time, too... so annoying! I had that problem with my green card the other day... heart attack moment!! but i found it :-) Good luck finding the SSC!