20 Chore Tuesday- A New Family Rhythm

It's Tuesday again and my husband is still home and out of work. He's been diligently looking and goes in for a meeting with HR at one place today so we'll keep our fingers crossed. I've been sending him to help out as free labor at our CSA so that he gets to be active and he's been bringing me home giant boxes of extra produce they've been giving him. This weekend was completely dedicated to onion relish and pickle making but I had some girlfriends come over and in exchange for the reveal on my top secret recipe they helped out and it was fun.

We're in full fall foliage swing up here so I've been picking up more hours at the roasters. Staying open on Mondays is a new twist and I run over for a few hours some Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays since we have 30-40 person tours coming through those days.

I've found that there is a very specific pattern to Tuesdays- farm share pickup happens so I always try to clean out the fridge, I go to work, I do sheets, and make bread.

20 chore tuesday

Emily at Joyful Abode hosts this little Tuesday gathering. LINK UP YOUR LISTS HERE!
A little peeved that washing Bear Grylls is on the list for today.

1. Write recipe blog post.
2. Pack daycare bag for the baby.
3. Run laundry.
4. Fold laundry.
5. Pick up farm share.
6. Clean out fridge.
7. Bake 2 loaves of bread.
8. Crockpot applesauce with the giant bag of apples I was gifted yesterday.
9. Make and can turkey chili. (If this doesn't happen today the turkey needs to go in the freezer.)
10. Label the pickles I canned and store them in pantry.
11. Measure the closet for the pantry shelving my husband said he'd put in for me.
12. Buy potty treats and some more training pants.
13. Wash the kiddos crib bedding and changing table pad, put it back on before bedtime!
14. Wash our sheets. (did the comforter last night)
15. Send in work hours.
16. Call AAA- why hasn't insurance packet come yet? Good thing I called, apparently the underwriters didn't reinstate our policy after getting pics of the woodstoves. So I did it today.
17. Put away laundry (because if it isn't a separate list item it would never happen).
18. Pick up breastfeeding sling I bought on Kid Swap.
19. Pack breast pump to go with me today.
20. Bring out compost to bin.
21. Cash checks.
22. Car payment.

Enjoying some coffee that I custom flavored yesterday- Chocolate Hazelnut, tastes like a cup of melted Nutella! (Note to self: On 3rd cup- stop drinking coffee!)


  1. Anonymous16:47

    OMG Nutella flavored coffee sounds amazing! How did you make it?

    1. I work at a coffee roasters so I custom flavored it- if there's a small roaster anywhere near you and you ask nicely they are usually happy to help. The original idea came off of a drink I made this weekend using french pressed coffee & a little half and half heated up on the stove with Nutella. Yum :)

  2. That is quite a list you have there...I hope you got a lot of it done! :)

    1. I did ok. But both kids are in school today so we'll see what I can do!