20 Chore Tuesday, Playing Catch Up!

I feel a little guilty posting today since I haven't posted anything else all week. It was a busy one. I've been picking up more work at the roasters with my husband out of work and still juggling other clients and my hours at the recovery center. Usually the weekend is a time to catch up a bit but this weekend was full of festivals. Saturday I was at Jay selling coffee and Sunday I went into the shop to help during a massive influx of tourists. Monday morning I accomplished more before I went to work than I did all weekend!

We're on a grocery "diet" this month. I have $100 set aside "just in case" but we are eating our farm share veggies and items from the pantry and freezers this month. I am trying not to go grocery shopping. A lot of my chores today need to involve inventorying items and making new sheets for the freezer doors. (We have one upright freezer in our utility room). Link up below at Joyful Abode!

20 chore tuesday

1. Bake the bread that proofed overnight.
2. Fold laundry in dryer.
3. Run new load of laundry.
4. Fold load of laundry.
5. Run sheets.
6. Put sheets back on bed!
7. Pack daycare bag.
8. Wash diapers tonight after school.
9. Hours at roasters.
10. Send in timesheet.
11. List of pantry closet items.
12. Inventory jars and cans ahead of this Saturday's truckload apple sale.
13. Pull together all apple recipes. Make list of any spices I need.
14. Take NY Sour Deli Pickles I've been making out of tub and can them. Done Wednesday am, we may have eaten some for breakfast :)
15. Pick up farm share.
16. Peel carrots.
17. Make hot cocoa mix. (I was craving this last night- it's an Alton Brown recipe with powdered milk and it's delicious!) Darn it all- no powdered sugar in the pantry so this will have to wait. FOUND IT! DONE!
18. Bring some wood in. (We had our first hard frost last night and I think tonight might be our first fire.)
19. Family calendar time. We used to have a set schedule but now with me working more, my husband home more, EMR classes & composting classes we need to keep things organized. Husband and I sat down this morning and got this banged out. 
20. Figure out something to leave out for dinner since I'll be at class. Jokes on me, class doesn't start until next week. 

Forgot I had a conference call this afternoon! Luckily my calendar reminded me....

Coffee time!


  1. You have a busy day today. I need to get in the kitchen and start cooking meals for the freezer so I won't have to grocery shop as much either. I feel like I am shopping all the time!

    1. I used to shop so much! I've been paring down more and more and do less and less runs to the grocery store. A big turning point for me was buying powdered milk for cooking. Before that I would run to the grocery store for milk constantly! And we now keep two half and halfs on hand.

  2. oh fun about class not starting yet. Did you figure it out before you left?

    1. Luckily I did! I checked online and realized not only was I one week off but it was on Thursday not Tuesday- hence the need for my family calendar chore. So we all went down to $2 slice night for pizza instead :)