One Year Later.... our reminder of Tropical Storm Irene

One year ago today my toddler was due to have her 1st birthday. In addition to all the normal preparations involving food and decorations we were "battening down the hatches" and fielding cancellations from out of state guests. Hurricane Irene was due to come and given what our town had faced merely from rain in May we weren't taking any chances.

Our town- May 2012
In the midst of decorating cupcakes, we stocked up our water supply and rescheduled my son's flight back to Washington to avoid inevitable cancellations. Where we live we aren't worried about our house, but the road through town tends to flood on both ends leaving the possibility that we won't be able to get in our out for a few days.

A celebration ensued. Cupcakes were eaten. Guests were sent home with food that would spoil if we lost power and we all planned to hunker down through the storm.

Mmm, hurricane cupcakes.

Ready for rain

Boots ready to go.

Have I mentioned I'm a social media junkie? We all breathed a sigh of relief when the storm was downgraded. Then, it happened. From all over the state images started pouring in- of bridges being washed away, cars traveling down rivers, gulleys where roads had been. Questions ensued and twitter had the closest things to answers. We were lucky, although fully prepared the storm spared most of our town. Others were not so lucky. At the time I was traveling for work and had to get very creative with routes in and out of Vermont. Folks lost everything they had and are still recovering. Vermonters came together in a way that is rare and the state truly had a neighborhood feel. And it made me love Vermont even more. But what I love the most about Irene? Meet my hurricane baby:

If you told me last year at my daughter's birthday party that we'd be celebrating her 2nd birthday with a 3 month old I would have called you crazy. She is my happy piece in the sadness of the storm.

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