20 Chore, 20 Hour Tuesday

Today will go down in my personal history as a huge pain in my rear. I understand this. My son flies back to his dad's in Washington at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning. The nearest nonstop airport is in Boston, 4 hours away and sadly my requests for night flight just didn't work out. So, since I have prior commitments at home for some committees I'm on Tuesday night we will be leaving at the crack of midnight Tuesday to drive down for a 7am flight. And by we I mean me, the boy, and the 3 month old. In theory they'll both sleep on the way down. She'll wake up as I'm checking him in and I can nurse her while we wait for his flight. Then I'll get out of Boston as soon as the flight is in the air, drive an hour to my parents and take a quick nap before heading home. I know you're all extremely jealous.

1. Go do hours at coffee roaster client.
2. Send out pirate press release. Yes, I really just typed that- did I mention I work with a pirate? Don't worry, he's friendly.

3. Pick up paycheck from the center.
4. Pick up farm share.
5. Stop by post office to return PO Box keys & reclaim deposit. (Forgot to get the 2nd key from my husband's set so I'll do this Wednesday afternoon.)
6. Drop off sign up sheet for toddler soccer. (stay tuned on that- I feel that there will be many humorous posts that arise from watching a bunch of knee high screamers running around yelling Mine!)
7. Return library books & pick up son's reading prize. (They were closed when we went by.)
8. Toddler's 2 year checkup.

9. Finish packing my son's bag for Washington.
10. Find his school supply list.
11. Order the missing items on Staples to ship to him there. After 3 failed logins, one computer malfunction and the cart logging me out while I looked for a coupon I give up. This will have to be done later.
12. Pack backpack w/ snacks, electronics, and a sweatshirt.
13. Pack my snackbag for the car.
14. Pack diaper bag for the trip.
15. Find Target gift card and put in car along w/ coupons. May as well take advantage of the NH pass-through.

16. Split up meat in fridge & freeze it.
17. Put cabbage in fridge in downstairs freezer.
18. Bake banana chocolate chip muffins. (They were incredibly popular in our house.)

19. Call & schedule chimney sweep to come in mid-September.
20. Write thank you notes from baby gifts and send the final 3.
21. Take pictures of items to sell on Kid Swap in hopes of uploading them Wednesday morning.

22. Pin Beet Cupcake post.
23. Tweet Beet Cupcake post.
24. Facebook Beet Cupcake post.
25. Post Irene one year later post.

It's a three cup coffee day I think!


  1. I am incredibly impressed by how much stuff you were able to get done! Good luck on your drive tonight.