20 Chore Tuesday AKA The Motivation to Preserve

I'm a fan of Emily over at Joyful Abode partially because I think we're living parallel baby-wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, breastfeeding lives with our matchingly spaced toddlers and babies. Now I have one more reason to love her with this new 20 Chore Tuesday Linkup because let's face it- I sometimes lack motivation.
20 chore tuesday

Here is my list for today:

1. Puree, bag & freeze the 10 lbs of beets from the crockpot.
2. Pickle the 20 lbs of green beans.

3. Hot water process the dilly bean pickles.
4. Empty dishwasher & put away dishes in rack.
5. Clean out fridge so I can fit farm stuff. Finally got this done on Friday.
6. Pick up farm share.
7. Chop 6 lbs onions for onion relish. The baby decided to be cooperative so I did this 1st thing Wednesday morning.
8. Pack farm lettuce into mason jars for this weeks salads.
9. Snap ends off of the 20 more lbs of beans I pick up while husband and I are watching Chopped on Hulu tonight. (Our version of date night :) ) - The beans won't be ready till the end of the week so we'll have to move this to Thursday. Instead we ate ice cream and watched Chopped :)

10. Make more laundry detergent.
11. Do a load of laundry.
12. Fold & put away laundry.

12. Sweep stairs.
13. Sweep and mop entryway. Got the 8 yr old to do this Wednesday morning. Haha! The power of Swiffer love.
14. Sweep upstairs bathroom.Squeezed this in right before my shower after I had my son pull everything up off the floor.
15. Clean toilet. (does pouring bleach in it count? that's all I've done so far.) Managed to get my scrub & clean on pre-shower Wednesday morning.
16. Clean vanity.
17. Clean bathtub.
18. Mop floor.8 yo did this for me after I swept Wednesday morning.

19. Call passport agency and check on son's passport status.

20. Got through office supply stash and cross items we have off of son's required school supply list.

Whew! Good thing I had coffee this morning!


  1. I didn't know chopped was on Hulu. Since w went cable free I will have to check that out. Wow, you got so much more done then I did.

    1. There are some older episodes on Hulu & newer ones on Food Network. I have a great motivation to get stuff done on M, T, W- there is only a newborn & 8 yo home w/ me. The almost 2 yo is in daycare those days. Thursdays and Fridays I'm too busy chasing her and securing valuables/breakables to get stuff done!

  2. Good job with your list! I feel like a bad wife... a lot of the household chores on your list get taken care of by my husband. He takes care of me, I take care of baby. Maybe I should think of it more as I have a good husband... yeah that sounds better ;)


    1. That's good to have a good husband! I have an amazing husband who will take all the kids as soon as he gets home so that I can cook dinner in peace. He usually does the bathroom but it needed to be done so I got to it this time.