20 Chore Tuesday #2

Last week's chore roundup worked out really well for me. I tend to do really well when there is public accountability so here goes again. 20 Chores I'd like to do. I was steaming right along on house stuff Monday until the baby decided not to sleep anymore so they are all moving to Tuesday.

20 chore tuesday


1. 1 recipe blog post (I'm a little behind. We went on vacation this weekend and last week was all prep.) Got a few precious minutes Thursday morning to finish this.
2. Traveling while breastfeeding blog post for TravelingMom.
3. Nursing Bra review for TravelingMom.
4. Montreal post for TravelingMom.
5. Update client website.

Birthday Party
6. Stop wasting time on Pinterest and just choose a darn theme for the toddler's 2nd birthday party.

7. Pick up farm share.
8. Cook a double batch of onion relish.
9. Can & process onion relish.
10. Decide what to do with the bowl of radishes and do it.
11. Peel and top & tail the bag of beets.
12. Slice beets & can them.
13. Pack bag of preserved goods to bring to the farmers this week.
14. Bake 2 loaves bread.

15. Load & run dishwasher.
16. Empty and put away dishwasher.

House cleaning
17. Bring giant rug upstairs to bedroom & lay it down.
18. Empty white dresser we're selling and bring it into the hallway.
19. Bring white armoire into room and hang clothes in it.
20. Vacuum bottom floor.
21.  Clear kitchen counters, wipe them down & reset.
22. Wipe down cabinets in kitchen with wood spray.

Just finished my cup of coffee and crossing my fingers that the baby naps today and the 8 year old is agreeable because some of these will be hard to do with a baby strapped to me.


  1. Good Luck! Remember, even if you only get 10 things off the list...that's 10 THINGS CROSSED OFF YOUR LIST! :)

  2. I'm interested in what birthday theme you chose for your 2 yo. We have a 2 year birthday coming up next month and I'm just starting to get excited about it! Pinterest helps, of course.

    1. We're doing a monsters themed party. I was originally considering camping- which Pinterest had some cute ideas on!