20 Chore Tuesday: The Delegating Edition

Long story short my husband is currently home with me after expressing ethical concerns with the way his work (medical facility) was reporting. I'm proud of him and the moral man that he is and am trying not to think about bills. This is why I'm happy we didn't blow off our savings account.

20 chore tuesday

This means though, that I get to delegate some of 20 Chore Tuesday! Woo-hoo.... so when you see "Mow the lawn" it doesn't mean me, which is a good thing considering the size of our lawn and my relative ratio to the lawn mower. I thought I'd get a full nights sleep last night since my husband took the baby and I was going to slumber peacefully on the couch to kick this cold but the toddler had other plans and woke up from a nightmare. She was so cute and clingy that I let her sleep on the couch with me but my kidneys got tenderized by her chubby little feet in the process. I'm running an over/under on my bruise count. I'm guessing 12.  Don't forget to link up and play along!

1. Hours at roasters.
2. Pick up chainsaw chain.
3. Drop off breast pump to swap person.
4. Buy more potty treats.
5. Run load of laundry.
6. Fold laundry.
7. Remake the toddler's bed.
8. Cut down trees in the triangle area between the road to the pond and our yard. A work in progress. The wind kicked up so we abandoned this task for today. My husband went out and did this Wed morning. I told him he had to while we still have health insurance in the event of a chainsaw mishap.
9. Wash diapers.
10. Fold diapers.
11. Clean out fridge.
12. Open up new box of snapware and divvy up some of the dry goods from Costco. My brilliant husband put this all in the dishwasher and ran it for me.
13. Fill out new pantry inventory sheet.
14. Fill out new freezer inventory sheet.
15. Fill out downstairs freezer inventory sheet.
16. Mow lawn.
17. Stack wood onto front porch.
18. Wash our sheets.
19. Frontline the dog.
20. Make a list of home canned goods that need to be eaten in the next month (1 yr USDA recommended shelf life) and find homes for them through Facebook.
21. Put away dishes.
22. Wash dinner dishes.
23. Order amber teething necklace for baby. 

Ended up running to the roasters for a 30 person tour and having my cup of coffee there! On my 2nd cup and boy is the Ethiopian Sidamo hitting the spot today.

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  1. Anonymous11:34

    Hubby was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice to delegate some of the spaces on my list to him :) Praying that everything works out for you guys job-wise with no (or at least minimal) loss of income :)