20 Chore Tuesday, Sanity Returns

Last Tuesday found me a little verklempt. Between packing the boy up for his cross country flight, hours of driving, midnight departures for 7 am flights, and a nursing baby on a growth spurt I lost some hair. Literally, I think it was falling out clumps at a time. This week we are back to our version of normal and I even have been weeding through our stuff and simplifying. Now, if I can figure out how to work a yard sale with our driveway we'd be all set.

Post Office Stuff- I have a lot of things having to do with mail and sending items so I thought I'd put them all together
1. Thank you notes for birthday gifts for the toddler.
2. Send out CD & DVD for reviews.
3. Send Kindle charger and shorts to my son. (The Kindle charger he couldn't find? It was in a tupperware container inside a Lego ship. Yup, that's a good place for it.)
3a. Forgot- must send letter to Omni. 

Client/Work Stuff
4. Email in time card.
5. Go to roasters and do my hours.
6. Go by the recovery center for a meeting and to pick up check. Get website login info.
7. Put finishing touches on new recovery center website.
8. Register for Master Composter class. Yup, this is Vermont after all.
9. Make notes for canning demo I'm teaching on Friday.
10. Contact college about vendor fair.

11. Load and run dishwasher.
12. Wash pots & pans.
13. Put away dishes in strainer and dishwasher.
14. Scrub down sink, run drain plugs thru dishwasher along w/ sponge.
15. Pick up farm share.
16. Get extra box of beans for canning demo.
17. Puree carrots from crock pot & freeze.
18. Bake 2 loaves bread.

19. Returns to Big Lots.
19a. Return husband's Redbox movie.
20. Drop off soccer completed paperwork.

21. Rerun laundry that strangely came out smelling like trash?
22. Wash cloth diapers. Potty training is going well so I think we can make it a few more days!
23. Fold laundry in dryer and put it away.
24. Fold and put away diapers. Not for a few days :)
25. Wash sheets. Put back on bed before 11pm. :)

Ok, so once again more than 20 but I'm feeling positive about it. Coffee time.

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