You Know You're Potty Training When...

10. Your tweets all end in #pottytraining (and you know who will respond first and commiserate).

9. You do laundry everyday and because you've quit diapers & pullups cold turkey (to avoid "confusion") there is a small stash of tiny underpants soaking in a bucket somewhere in your house.

8. Every 10 minutes someone in your house uses the word potty.

7. There is a chart with stickers on it on your fridge. Whichever spouse wasn't home during the day immediately checks it and praises the child for how many stickers they "earned".

6. Liquids are monitored and rationed like IV fluid in an HMO hospital.

5. When an adult in the family successfully goes pee, clapping and "Yay, Daddy went pee in the potty" ensues.

4. At 4am a crying child wakes you up. You are thrilled because it is screams of "Potty, potty!" which at least means they get it.

3. There is candy in your bathroom, for the elusive "poop in the potty".

2. "What are you doing?" "Why are you squatting?" "No, stop peeing let's go to the potty." "Honey, I think she's pooping!"

1. You have been peed on in the post office while carrying your toddler in an Ergo and as pee dripped across the floor you calmly toweled it up (of course you had a towel with you) and continued your transaction like it was totally normal. (Yes, this happened to me this morning.)

Heading to get a donut after 12 successful potty trips. Big thank you to the Dunkin Donuts clerk who didn't look at me like I was crazy when I handed her this chart with a dollar clipped to it.

Victory chocolate donut!


  1. Ahahahaha! Nailed it.

    1. Well I have to thank you for the potty candy idea. :) It's helping us with the "poop in the potty" hurdle. She's a gummy lifesaver fan and it helps me use up the ones I have leftover from decorating her birthday cupcakes.

  2. I love this! she's really getting the hang of it at school too!

  3. I love this! she's really getting the hang of it at school too!

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